Report: Switzerland vs Cameroon in World Cup 2022

The “Al Janoub” stadium will host an important match, which brings together the Swiss national team and its counterpart, the Cameroon national team, on Thursday evening, November 24, 2022, for the first stage of Group G in the group stage in the 2022 World Cup competition

The Cameroon national team, the representative of the African continent, is looking forward to achieving a surprise at the beginning of its World Cup career and achieving a victory over the Swiss national team to compete for one of the two qualification cards, as it will prepare for this match with high concentration, as it looks forward to presenting a wonderful performance at the beginning of its World Cup career to compete strongly to qualify for the next round

On the other hand, the Swiss national team is armed with the enormous technical and physical capabilities of its players and the great experience among its ranks, in order to achieve victory and collect the first 3 points in its tournament career, but it must prepare for this confrontation with a very high concentration, hoping that it will come out with a positive result that satisfies its ambitions

Update : result of the match

Switzerland won 1 – 0