Report : Olot vs Barcelona in a friendly match

The “Camp Municipal de Dolot” stadium will host a match between the Spanish club Olot and its counterpart FC Barcelona on Wednesday evening, July 13, 2022, as part of a friendly match between the two teams in preparation for the new season 2022/2023

This match comes within the framework of June Sportiva Olot’s celebrations of 100 years since its founding in 1921, and this will be the first match between the two teams since May 7, 1980, when Barcelona won 3/1, and it will be the tenth match in the history of the confrontations between the two teams

This match will be Barcelona’s first friendly before traveling on its American tour, in which it will play 4 matches within the friendly “Champions Tour”, including a confrontation with Real Madrid in Las Vegas. It is worth that the Catalan club began training and a medical examination on July 4 last

Update : result of the match

Barcelona and Olot tied 1-1