France wins Morocco in the semi-finals of World Cup

The French national team snatched the qualification card to the final match, after defeating the Moroccan national team, 2/0, in the meeting that brought them together at the “Al-Bayt” stadium, within the activities of the semi-final round of the 2022 World Cup competitions

France’s national team advanced with the first goal early in the fifth minute through Theo Hernandez, after he followed Mbappe’s shot and put the ball wonderfully into Yassin Bono’s goal, and in the 17th minute Olivier Giroud, France’s striker, added the second goal before his shot hit the right post

In the 79th minute, Kolo Mwani scored the second goal for France, after he followed Mbappe’s shot, which collided with the defense, to easily shoot it into the goal. roosters

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