Croatia beats Brazil in the World Cup

The Croatian national team booked a place in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, after defeating Brazil by penalty kicks 4l2, after the end of the original time with a negative draw, and additional time with a positive draw with a goal for the same

The first half began in a cautious way from both sides, with a slight advantage for the Croatian team, who succeeded in threatening the Samba team’s goal, but they missed the offensive effectiveness in front of the goal, and in turn, the Brazilian midfielders did not succeed in holding the initiative, due to the great absence of the Samba team’s danger

Brazil took great control of the ball, as the samba players advanced forward in an attempt to attack goalkeeper Dominik Levakovic, to end the regular time to enter the extra periods. Neymar scored Brazil’s goal in the 105 + 1 minute, then Petkovic equalized for Croatia in the 117th minute

The two teams resorted to penalty kicks, and the results were Croatia: Vlasic (goal) – Mayer Lavro (goal) – Modric (goal) – Olsic (goal), while Brazil’s kicks came: Rodrigo (missed) – Casemiro (goal) – Pedro (goal). ) – Marquinhos (wasted)

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